Kill weeds with boric acid

If your garden is like ours, weeds are a never ending problem. Not only do we battle them in our garden, but they’re everywhere.

Between the cracks in the footpath, through the pavers, up the spouting, up through the wooden panels on the decking, in the gravel pathway … everywhere!

We’ve been a bit spooked with the negative press around commercial weed killers and cancer, so we thought we’d do a little digging for alternatives.

An interesting fact about Boron, the main element in boric acid, is that it is a micro nutrient required by plants to grow.

Fruits, vegetables, vines, trees, grass, you name it. They all need it. Even weeds.

But …. a little trick we’ve discovered is that if you give a bit more than just a micro amount to a weed, it will instead act as a herbicide and kill the weed!

So what we’ve done is put together a quick how recipe to show you how to make your own boric acid herbicide to tackle weeds in no time at all!

Total time

5 minutes



  • 1 spray bottle that holds at least 1 litre of water.


  1. Fill the spray bottle with the water
  2. Add the 30g of boric acid
  3. Shake, and keep shaking
  4. Spray on the weeds

It’s that simple!

One tip, the nozzle may get a bit clogged if the boric acid hasn’t fully dissolved. If so, open the nozzle all the way up and shake and pump the spray bottle at the same time. That should clear the nozzle out.

For best results, apply to weeds twice a week. However there is nothing stopping you from applying more often or as often as you’d like. The more the merrier.

If you require more of the mixture, just use the same ratio.

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