Adding boric acid to the washing machine

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is here for the time being so we might as well prepare ourselves.

We posted the other week about a boric acid hand wash and today we’d like to share with you another useful tip for you to use in the wash.

Boric acid, being an excellent cleansing agent, can be added to each wash you put into the washing machine. This will help kill any undesirables you pick up throughout the day.

Adding to that, boric acid is also anti-fungal, so you’ll get another little boost from that.

The usage directions are fairly simple. Just pour 15g of boric acid, or half a scoop, into the wash.

That’s it!

Be sure to only add it with the washing detergent. Boric acid doesn’t play well with fabric softeners.

We wish you all the best while we go through this. We hope you and your family remain healthy.

If you’ve got any other great ideas about how to battle coronavirus with boric acid, please leave a comment below.

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